Tour Balearic Islands by renting an incredible boat


To enjoy a great vacation, platforms like Barracuda Ibiza Charter offer their services. This company, with an online platform available at, offers a wide variety of boat rental services.

Barracuda Ibiza Charter is known as an important Spanish company that has positioned itself as one of the best options to rent the most known means of transport in the Balearic Islands, the boats. From a boat, a yacht or a sailboat, this company makes it easy.

With a long way of experience, Barracuda Ibiza Charter imposes its rentals by being among the most economic to travel to great paradisiacal destinations such as Formentera and Ibiza in a tour with route or free form, as the client prefers.

With its web platform known as, the company has been able to offer all its services to visitors who, year after year, decide to travel the wonders of the sea in one of its boats, yachts, sailing ships or launches at an affordable price.

Thanks to its system, it is possible to acquire the ideal type of boat according to its characteristics, since its interface provides the ideal search means so that visitors can choose between the options of passenger capacity, approximate price and the type of boat they want.

From renting a yacht to renting an event boat, at Barracuda Ibiza Charter you have the great opportunity to find the ideal boat to cover the different routes that are proposed by the company or to enjoy sailing in a completely free way.

The perfect boat to sail Ibiza and other destinations more

With the great popularity of this company located in Ibiza, Santa Eulália and San Antonio, anyone has the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful trip adapted to their lifestyle. And with the possibility of visiting Mallorca or Menorca, the fun is double.

And to enjoy it in a big way, with the help of Barracuda Ibiza Charter you can find great options like a special Gulet for Events, with features like:

Length of 21 meters.

Maga of 5 meters.

A capacity of 47 people.

Three cabins and three bathrooms.

Common areas like kitchen and dining room.

Ideal for any kind of party and without a mandatory route.

And for the great price of 2,200 per day provided for the low seasons of the islands, you can rent this incredible boat to celebrate an excellent vacation with the help of Barracuda Ibiza Charter and its online platform,

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