An exclusive deck for your boat


Comfort and safety are two major factors when it comes to navigation and it is necessary to have a space on the deck of the boat that has the optimal conditions of comfort to achieve adequate mobility.

However, it is necessary to have certain accessories that achieve that desired comfort and also ensure the safety of staff on board the boat to have a pleasant navigation, with items that offer quality and are highly durable.

It is worth noting that a boat deserves certain elements to be well equipped with comfortable nautical seats for the pilot, safety handrails, candlesticks, and davits for mobility on deck.

In addition, for those moments when the sun is more radiant and the heat begins to bother the bimini is the ideal choice. When you arrive at your destination and need to cover the boat to keep it protected from environmental factors are the nautical canvas rolls.

What you need to keep your boat safe on deck

When it comes to maintaining the care of every element on the boat, it is necessary to have locks, bolts and handles to avoid inconvenience and to keep everything in order without it breaking or falling. In addition, it is necessary to have hinges that maintain the care of each piece, as they are made of stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, nylon and nickel.

It is important to point out that due to the corrosive nature of salt, it is essential to have stainless steel elements. This is the case of the nautical screws, which have a wide variety, including rivets, covers, passages, strips, bolts, washers and rings.

Also the bitts and bollards that vary according to the thickness of the rope to be used to hold the mooring effectively. It is essential that the rope is well cared for, so there are anchoring and mooring ropes of medium tenacity, among others that require a guide to prevent them from coming off. There are chrome, stainless steel, round, triangular, oval.

In addition, the nautical cables to prevent the fall of the mastiff that can be double eye, normal or tensioner with fast terminal.

On the other hand, the aluminium hatches in various presentations and portholes that adapt to the hollow of the boat. The parasol curtains are the ideal accessory to protect from the sun and the mosquito nets that avoid insects and filter the light for a comfortable environment.

How to enjoy sailing while being protected

Nautical cleats for safe mooring of lines are available in various sizes and features, including folding, recessed, and collapsible stainless steel. They are also available in aluminum, polished, round and flat shapes, and for less fine boats there are nylon or plastic ones.

It is necessary to add, for the sailboats there is a wide range of winches, pulleys, reels, halyards, among others that allow to maintain your boat equipped.

It should be noted that the accessories available are of the highest quality and direct warranty from the manufacturer, which will be sent for only 4 euros regardless of the amount of items required for your boat. In addition, when you subscribe to publications the first shipment will be free and you will get discounts on products.

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